For over 15 years, research has been conducted on the effects of Almased on weight, health and overall well-being.

What Scientists say about "the Almased weight loss phenomenon™"

  • SCIENCEAlmased promotes successful weight loss and maintains healthy blood sugar levels while stimulating the fat-burning metabolism.
  • It is recommended to use Almased for a minimum of six weeks.
  • Even a dosage of 1 serving (50 g) of Almased per day supports overall health and wellness.
  • In a weight loss program, Almased makes an excellent substitute for a meal with 1 serving (50 g) of Almased once or twice per day.

These are the Effects of Almased: Statements by eight German Scientists

This is what these scientists say unanimously: How Almased supports successful weight loss, and can help maintain a healthy blood sugar level and blood levels for body compounds such as cholesterol.

A Natural Product

Almased contains pure soy protein, yogurt and raw honey. A special processing method preserves the essential amino acids in Almased.

Supported Leptin Level

Unhealthy weight gain is associated with an increased leptin level. Almased supports a healthy leptin level, thus influencing risk factors favorably.

Accelerated Fat Reduction

Almased supports healthy insulin levels while stimulating fat reduction and inhibiting fat storage.

Long-lasting Feeling of Satiety

The tissue hormone ghrelin, which is produced by stomach cells, is an indicator of the sensation of satiety. Almased lowers the ghrelin level, thereby reducing appetite sustainably.

No Loss of Muscle Mass

In a weight loss program, Almased helps to exclusively burn body fat without reducing muscle mass.

Less Abdominal Fat

Almased has a positive effect on the body fat vs. muscle mass ratio. If combined with physical activity, it can significantly reduce fat deposits in the abdomen and hip area.

Long-lasting Effect

Weight loss achieved with Almased is helpful in changing nutritional behavior and keeps the weight off long-term.

Supported Blood Levels

One serving (50 g) of Almased per day supports healthy blood sugar levels.

Supported Cholesterol Levels

Using Almased can help maintain healthy blood levels for compounds such as cholesterol.

These eight German scientistst have formulated the statements above:


science Berg3Professor Aloys Berg, MD
Rehabilitative and Preventive Sports Medicine,
University Clinic of Freiburg


science Uhlenbruck3Professor Gerhard Uhlenbruck, MD
Director of Institute of Immunobiology and Sports Immunology,
University of Cologne


science Schulz3Professor Jörg Schulz, MD
Consultant, HELIOS Medical Center,


science Sauermann3Peter Sauermann, Medical Consultant
Chairman of Financial Committee of
German Association of CHI Physicians (KBV)


science Linss3Professor Günter Linß
Medical Director of Henningsdorf Medical Center,
University Teaching Hospital of the Charité Berlin


science Weisser3Professor Burkhard Weisser, MD
Director of Institute of Sports and Science of Sports,
Christian Albrechts University, Kiel


science Grebe3Wolfgang Grebe, MD
Board member of Association of German Specialists
in Internal Medicine (BDI), Frankenberg


science Borchard3Professor Ulrich Borchard, MD, Ph.D.
Institute of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology,
University of Düsseldorf

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