The New Year is sneaking up and soon the need to make a New Year’s Resolution will be upon us. For many, it is exciting to reinvent ourselves, but by the end of the first month, our motivation slopes downward. Sadly, after years of unsuccessful attempts at making a change, we have come to believe that resolutions simply do not work. To help you adhere to what you resolve to do this new year, Almased suggests the following:

Make one big resolution and break it into smaller monthly targets. Whether your goals are health-, finance-, or skill-related, establishing monthly goals aimed towards the accomplishment of a big goal will help you feel less overwhelmed, keeping you on track. For weight loss, Almased recommends a healthy goal of losing at least four to eight pounds per month to achieve a total weight loss of 20-40 pounds in six months.

Keep your future self in mind. Visualize what you want to see from yourself a month to three months from now, or even a whole year. By picturing your future self, you’ll stay motivated every step of the way. In addition, finding a role model who inspires you can also keep you motivated. Photos of Almased’s success story winners are the ideal motivator!

Don’t sacrifice what you want for what you want now. Events, people, and the choices you make can potentially sabotage your progress. Know what barriers exist or can surface and remember that you can say “no” without feeling guilty. In the long run, you’ll feel more empowered from overcoming challenges and rewarded for delaying gratification. Almased suggests drinking 1/2 a shake of Almased for a snack to help control the temptations of eating foods that are empty in calories.

Say to yourself, “This will only take a few minutes.” It is common if at one point you lose sight of your goals and ignore the things you know to do that would be good for you. By repeatedly reminding yourself that it will only take 30 seconds or two minutes to do something, will help you to remain consistent and continue to form better habits - keeping you from stalling your goals. From the words of Almased customers, “It only will take one minute to make an Almased breakfast shake for my weight loss regimen”.


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