bikini emergency planThe Bikini-Emergency-Plan is atwo week diet plan to get your body in shape. You start out with three Almased shakes per day along with vegetable broth for the first week. For the second week, you replace two meals with an Almased smoothie and eat one solid healthy meal, ideally for lunch. Try to stick to about 500 calories for your solid meal and make sure to have plenty of vegetables, lean protein and some whole grains.

 Find healthy and delicious recipe ideas here. You can extend the second phase until you reach your ideal body weight. Since you are only consuming liquids during the first week, please contact Almased or consult your healthcare provider to determine if fasting is right for you. Click here for an overview of the Bikini-Emergency-Plan.

Keep in mind that the length of the phases in our Bikini Plan differs from that of our 14-Day Figure Plan. The Bikini Plan is a more drastic approach and is for people who want to slim down before an upcoming beachy getaway or special “dress to impress” occasion. Losing a small amount of weight quickly is just what you need to don your favorite bathing suit or dress and feel spectacular. But if this is not the approach you’re looking for, check out our popular 14-Day Figure Plan. For details on the 14-Day Figure Plan or other ways of using Almased to achieve your desired health goals, click here.



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