Take Almased with you! Use our new Almased single serving 10-packs, which are great to take on-the-go and while traveling. Also, try to eat as healthy as possible when on vacation, e.g. stay away from buffets, eat lots of veggies, split an appetizer or have ½ of your entree packed up as left-over. You can also have ½ shake of Almased about 30 min to an hour before you have a meal. That way you won’t be as hungry and less likely to overeat.

When you slip up on your diet, don’t be too harsh on yourself or stress over it. You should still enjoy your vacation. Focus on maintaining your weight while traveling and if you gain a pound or two, it’s ok. When you return from vacation, start the Almased Diet where you left off and focus on it more. Those pounds you gained during vacation will come off in the next few days.


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