Yes, it’s true. Breaking bad habits is hard work. Why? Habits can arise through repetition. Many are a normal part of life and are often helpful. In many situations, when behaviors become automatic, it gives us an advantage because the brain does not have to use conscious thought to perform the activity. This frees up our brain to focus on different things. I propose one should complete an assessment of those habits that must change and document them as a personal code to live by. Create a hard copy document and frame it to view regularly. This will help one to value the commitment to changing personal appearance. Will weight loss success follow? It can, if one maintains a resolve to evaluate and change those bad habits that attempt to dilute the draining potential weight loss success. Continuing to believe that more desire is the answer to weight loss success is not the answer. Happiness will come to those individuals who embrace the transformation from desire to success. But how?

Embrace the Rise of Re-Programming Metabolism

For many individuals, the difference between aspiration and eventuality often leaves a big space for challenges to good intent. We have experienced a rapid ascension of many opportunities to improve weight loss success. Opportunities like utilizing phased programs to help our bodies promote weight loss, implementing food intake synchronization to condition the behavioral changes needed, and using well-formulated products which support correct brain and energy needs while offering inexpensive companion meal plans one can fix at home. And what may be the most important opportunity? Using the perspective of our peers about how they see us differently.

Max Out Your Weight Loss Performance

Many individuals in weight loss programs with which I have spoken as part of my Healthcare Advocate Tours ( suggest breaking bad habits and increasing performance in weight loss demands the use of a single source product and a companion program, such as Almased. Additionally, they mentioned the need for an easily accessible and knowledgeable customer service and nutrition support group for the product or program, a high level of commitment to product quality with scientifically validated claims and timeliness in disseminating information about the changing weight loss and supplement landscape.

Today the changing weight loss and supplement landscape demands performance for the consumer in real-time, not past time. Bad habits must be broken for weight loss success to occur.

By: Guest Blogger Charles D. Shively, Ph.D, RPh


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