I have a hard time staying regular and am worried that it will get worse when I’m using Almased. What can I do to make sure I’ll have regular bowel movements? 

Chia seeds contain fiber, protein, antioxidants and omega-3s that are all beneficial to your diet and can make your Almased smoothie even more nutritious!

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1. I am fairly tall and want to make sure that I’m not getting hungry on Almased. How much should I take if I’m 6’3”?

If you are over 6’ tall, you should take 10 Tbsp of Almased per meal replacement mixed with 12 oz of cold liquid (water, low fat milk, almond milk, soy milk etc.). This should keep you full for about 4-5 hours. If you get hungry quicker in between, you can have an additional Almased snack portion with 4-5 Tbsp of Almased mixed with about 8 oz of cold liquid.

2. Does Almased affect my testosterone level?

No, it does not. While individual cases of changes in sex hormones in men consuming soy have been reported, these men consumed extremely high doses of soy (3 quarts of soy milk per day, e.g.). When the soy intake was lowered or discontinued the hormonal effects were discontinued. In reality, clinical studies in men show that isoflavones from the soy do not affect testosterone levels or circulating estrogen levels. Even at isoflavone levels significantly higher than a typical soy-rich diet consumed by males in East Asia. Bottomline, isoflavones have not been found to have feminizing effects; therefore soy is safe to consume by men.

SteviaIn some of Almased’s smoothie recipes, we can add stevia as an option. What is stevia? Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It is free of calories and because it is much sweeter than sugar, only a small amount is needed to sweeten up your smoothie without going overboard.

bikini emergency planThe Bikini-Emergency-Plan is atwo week diet plan to get your body in shape. You start out with three Almased shakes per day along with vegetable broth for the first week. For the second week, you replace two meals with an Almased smoothie and eat one solid healthy meal, ideally for lunch. Try to stick to about 500 calories for your solid meal and make sure to have plenty of vegetables, lean protein and some whole grains.

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