If you participated in our survey two weeks ago, we want to thank you for your entry. Here is some feedback we received from our survey.

"I love it and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a protein drink that does everything it says it does!" - Shelina W. from Pennsylvania

"Almased is a great product to aid in your weight loss. I've tried many weight loss products, but Almased is the best by far" - Faye C. from California

"I feel better about my physical appearance and my physical well-being. I have recommended this to co-workers and there at 6 people using this after seeing the results I have had." - Mary N. from Massachusetts

"I like the variety of ways you can change the taste of Almased so it doesn't get boring." - Georgette S. from Arizona

"I've been impressed so far with Almased. It seems to be a healthy way to lose weight. I'm pleased with the results so far." - Julie W. from Virginia

"I have tried so many different ways to lose weight and now I finally found something that works I've told all my friends about it and have four to five other ladies who are trying it now thanks so much." - Angela G. from North Carolina

"I love the product and when I follow the program it works well." - Judy Fu from Illinois

"The thing I like the best was that I was never hungry." - Carol E. from Idaho

"I feel better than I have in several years. Love Almased." - Cheryl G. from North Carolina

"I have my shake every morning, and my daughter now stops every morning on her way to work and I make her one. I tell all my friends they need to try this, my outlook on life is so much brighter." - Patricia C. from Texas

"It is easy and convenient. The taste is not unpleasant. I actually enjoy it." - Jane M from Rhode Island

"Best tasting product for weight loss that I've tried. I do not like the taste of whey in other products. Easy program to do." - Audrey P. from Wisconsin

"My GYN hadn't heard of Almased but likes the info I gave her, especially because soy is great for post-menopausal women like me (with no family history of breast/ovarian cancer). Do you market to doctors? You should!" - Marijka Walker from Kentucky

"Almased is now a staple in my house. I like having it handy for a quick meal replacement if I'm in a hurry, and I always have a measured amount with me when I'm on the go. If I've planned on having Almased as a meal but feel like I just want to eat something, I'll mix it with cocoa and just enough water to make a thick/pudding like consistency. Yummy!" - Rosemary R. from Massachusetts

"Almased is a GREAT product. Although I have been experiencing gradual weight loss, the greatest impact to my health has been improved digestion. I have always suffered from a "fussy" stomach and intestines. Since using Almased, I have not had any issues. In fact, I have begun traveling with Almased, because when I miss my breakfast shake, the symptoms return!" - Lori H. from Illinois

"I really like Almased. My appetite is satiated from breakfast until lunch. I am no longer getting a 'starving' feeling after a few hours or an Almased shake. The recipes are delicious and I feel great. I am still using Almased every day - and I take it with me when I travel for work. Thank you!" - Megan Bowes from Oregon

Thank you everyone for completing the survey. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to deliver a quality healthy product to our customers. 


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