Whether you are a prospective retailer or a veteran in selling Almased at your store, refreshing your sales techniques can help Almased fly off your shelves.

Almased is an all-natural dietary supplement for weight loss and quality nutrition that your customers not only highly desire, but will find necessary to achieve optimal health and longevity. The latest figures from the CDC show that three-fourth of the American population will likely be overweight or obese by 2020, while 9.4% (30.3 million) people living in the US have diabetes, which continues to be an epidemic. The statistics are scary, but it also means this: customers seeking diabetic friendly weight loss solutions are on the rise. This is a business opportunity you can’t ignore. And Almased will be a key driver that will not only help your customers achieve healthier lifestyles, but also help your business thrive.

We want to support you by offering five tips – best practices – of retail marketing that will help you sell Almased effectively at your physical retail stores.


1. Train Your Staff

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to train your floor sales staff. At Almased, we advertise heavily, in both print and digital, to drive traffic to your stores. In addition, our trained and experienced customer service and sales staff refer interested consumers to local stores near them every day.

We found that customers often seek your floor sales staff for their opinions and advice about our product. Having appropriate and correct knowledge about Almased is a win-win for both your store and customers. Customers can leave your store feeling confident, knowing that they picked the right weight loss solution and can come back to your store for additional information.

2. Allow Customers to Sample Almased

How customers make buying decisions is complex and remains a mystery even after years of marketing research – there is no clear answer, but we do know this: customers will use their taste buds to help them make their final decision about dietary supplements.

Almased is a neutral-tasting protein-rich powder that can be mixed with water, skim milk, or any milk alternatives, like vanilla almond milk. During our special events, we mix Almased with vanilla almond milk and cinnamon – our Cinnamon Roll Recipe. Customers are often surprised by the taste. “This is really good,” a lady announces, while another gentleman exclaims “I can drink this every day!” Setting up a sampling station at your store can increase buyer prospects and drive purchases.

3. Display Almased Promotional Materials

Customers finding Almased on your shelves may wonder exactly how they can use or benefit from Almased. Point your customer in the right direction by letting them know that Almased’s Diet Plan is underneath the lid of the can.

Also, strategically place Almased’s Figure Plan in your store. Our Figure Plan is a structured meal replacement plan that instructs your customers how to lose weight quickly and effectively. Place our Figure Plans next to Almased on your shelves, at your store counters, in the café, or any area where people are spending more time. Almased also provides delicious low-calorie recipe sheets for retailers - share them with customers who want to know the best way to mix Almased. Promotional educational materials are known to be powerful persuasive tools in retail marketing - use them with reckless abandon.

4. Use Digital Methods to Drive In-Store Footfall

With the advent of the internet, customers’ shopping behaviors have evolved to searching for information online before going to stores and in other cases while shopping in stores. While we understand that the retail landscape is in tough competition with online stores, we believe that cleverly using digital methods can drive in-store foot traffic.

For example, snap photos of Almased sold in your store and share it on your social media pages – making customers aware that you sell Almased. Share a customer success story on your website or Facebook page – explaining how your staff helped your customer find the right product to help him/her successfully lose weight. You could even use Facebook Live by showing your fans a tour of your store, while stopping at different retail touch points, such as where they can find Almased. Your website and social media is your friend - when you put effort into it, it’ll be reciprocated.

5. Team up with Almased’s Support Staff

During many occasions, customers will ask your sales staff specific health questions while deciding whether to purchase Almased. Our exceptionally trained support staff are consistently available to answer your customers’ questions and concerns. Almased operates Monday through Friday, 9:00 – 5:30 pm EST. Encourage customers to call us (1-877-256-2733), while they are shopping in your store. We’ll help slake your customers’ curiosity or resolve their concerns right away, so they can leave your store that very day with a product in hand.

We offer these tips that are also tried-and-true methods of our own Almased nutrition and sales support staff and feedback we’ve received from retailers who had success from selling Almased. So, keep these methods in mind: Train your sales staff, demo Almased, take advantage of Almased’s promotional materials, incorporate digital media into your retail marketing mix, and partner with us. We give you the keys to the coupé, all you must do is drive it.

Ready to implement one or more of these five tips? Call us at 1-877-256-2733 for free training and promotional materials or if you’d like to become a new retailer partner.

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