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Chile con Carne

Ingredients (for 2 People):

lean ground meat (beef) olive oil onion small chili pepper garlic clove green bell pepper canned peeled tomatoes tomato paste canned corn canned kidney beans vegeĀ­table broth salt paprika chili powder whole wheat baguette or 2 whole wheat rolls

1 portion contains about 500 cal

Heat oil in pan and fry ground meat for about 10 minutes until it becomes crumbly brown. Season with salt and paprika and put it in a big pot. Slice onion and cut bell pepper into pieces. Finely chop chili and garlic. Lightly braise everything in frying fat and add tomatoes, tomato paste and broth to meat. Cover and cook for 15 minutes on low heat. Wash beans and add with corn to the pot. Continue cooking for several minutes on medium heat. Season with salt, paprika and chili powder. Serve with whole wheat
baguette or whole wheat rolls.