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“Almased is a game changer -- I discovered Almased like others, by finding an advertisement in a magazine. Before trying Almased I had used various other meal replacement shakes including Vega One and Shakeology, but had found them to be very chemical tasting over time. I loved the natural ingredients and neutral taste and quickly incorporated Almased into my morning "go to" shake. After some holiday or vacation indulgences I use the figure plan to quickly reset my habits and drop a couple of pounds. Almased never upsets my stomach, I can take it anywhere and it is fantastic as a quick pre run meal before long runs. I have used Almased exclusively for the past year before half marathons and it gives me steady energy.”

– Joanne Blanchette

“I love the taste and quality ingredients for Almased. I use it as a meal replacement, and found that I feel great and fulfilled. Excellent product!”

– Emily Turnbull

“This product rocks... I wake up with so much energy it is fantastic. Great for weight loss. Also, I would never travel without it, keeps me from getting tired and jet lagged. Do yourself a favor and order one can, do the three days with just the Almased, and veggie juice. You will love it.”

– Melinda Sunbury

“I have been using Almased since July 20th, 2016 and I have lost 24 lbs. I so believe in this product, nothing else has worked and love to make all kinds of flavors. Thank you.”

– Tina barwick

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