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About the Product:

The Almased Weight Loss Phenomenon™- Our unique production process ensures optimal fermentation of the carefully selected raw ingredients, some of which are manufactured specifically for Almased. Almased is free of fillers, preservatives and refined sugars. Almased combines the powers of nature, allowing them to unfold their full potential to provide the body access to superb nutritional value.

  • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fat
  • Source of protein to help maintain existing lean muscle mass
  • Helps in the function of the thyroid gland
  • Has antioxidant properties for the maintenance of good health

Product Details:

Product Dimensions: 20.32 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm ; 17.6 oz (500 g)
Manufactured by: Almased USA, Inc.
Sold by: Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Walmart and online

Supplement Facts:

Almased Canadian Can Supplement Facts

Diet Instructions:

For best weight loss results, use Almased with Almased’s Diet Plans.
Get started today and pick from two diet plans:

The Figure Plan

The Bikini-Emergency-Plan

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Quality you can feel, results you can see

what makes almased unique

What is Almased?

Almased is a meal replacement powder for weight loss, weight management and overall wellness, supported in over 15 years of scientific research. It is is made from 3 high-quality ingredients, non-GMO soy, yogurt and enzyme rich honey, combined in a unique fermentation process. The exclusive, natural formula contains NO artificial fillers, flavors, added sugars, preservatives or stimulants. Almased is diabetic-friendly, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

How does Almased work?

1 how to lose weight

The unique Almased formula has metabolism-boosting properties, without any stimulants. Keeping the metabolism active during a reduced-calorie diet will not only help you lose weight easily, but equally important, it will help to sustain your results once the diet is over and you increase your calorie intake again.

2 how to lose fat

Since your metabolism doesn’t slow down during the Almased Diet, the body takes the energy it needs from fat instead of muscle. The high-quality protein in Almased (27g per average serving size) helps to further protect your muscle mass. You lose the weight that really matters. Since weight loss with Almased is fat loss, you will not only see the number on the scale go down, but also your inches - a true body transformation.

3almased synergy diet

Almased’s high-quality protein not only helps to retain muscle, but it also keeps you full for 4-6 hours. Additionally, Almased has a very low glycemic index of 27. A low glycemic index helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and as a result, the body releases a lower amount of insulin. This helps tokeep hunger and cravings at bay, and further improves the fat burning process.

4Almased- lose weight quickly and healthily

Almased is a true weight loss and wellness multi-tasker. It not only helps with quick and easy weight loss, but also provides your body with optimal nutrients that a regular diet may lack. No more counting calories or worrying about the proper nutrition. Trust Almased to give your body what it needs – and deserves!


These people lost weight because they found Almased at their favorite retail stores

Stock up on Almased and help your customers lose weight safely and effectively!

Educate your customers on Almased

The more they know - the more they'll buy!


Almased offers free brochures, trifolds, and samples to customers. For a quick glance of our program, share our trifold with your customers. For a more in-depth look at the Almased Diet, our Figure Plan explains how to use Almased effectively for best results and includes delicious smoothie and meal recipes. T


What's most convincing to customers are samples. From our sales experiences, customers are more likely to purchase products they have tried in the past or are familiar with. So, don't lose out on a sale! Take advantage of Almased's free samples and offer them to your customers today!


Almased USA, Inc. advertises in the following magazines:

Magazinelist 3



  • Everyday with Rachel Ray
  • Family Circle
  • First for Women
  • Redbook
  • People Magazine
  • Southern Living
  • Woman’s Day
  • Woman’s World



  • Best Health
  • Canadian Living
  • Chatelaine


Order Almased

To find out about wholesale pricing or to place and order, contact True North Nutrition at 1-866-261-4223.

Vendor Inquiry

To learn more about Almased or to request samples and brochures, e-mail Bettelynn Bravo, Distribution Sales Manager at bbravo@almased.com.

All vendors are expected to follow our MAP Policy.

The average serving size for Almased is 8 Tablespoons (50 g) per shake.

You can customize your individual serving size based on your height:

serving size table

Blend Almased with 10-12 oz of bottled or filtered water and 1-2 tsp of either olive oil, flaxseed oil or walnut oil (you can alternate).

Instead of water, you can use unsweetened almond milk, soy milk or skim milk, but we see best results with water.

Almased shakes are neutral-tasting so you can enjoy them plain, or flavor them to your taste with cinnamon or other spices, instant coffee powder (or use cold coffee instead of water), a dash of unsweetened cocoa or a few drops of your favorite baking extracts, like vanilla or lemon.

Please note that some of the recipes on our website call for fruit. We recommend to not add fruit to your shakes during Phase 1. Starting in Phase 2, if you want to add fruit, please do so in moderation, not more than a few times per week and preferably not in your dinner shakes. The fructose in fruit can slow down your weight loss progress, so if you can stick to the ingredients mentioned above, you will likely see better results.

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