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The name Almased is becoming an American household name. Consumed by many individuals for effective weight loss, Almased provides many surprising health benefits that other products do not.


If you have had any interest in Almased, you have probably combed the web, searching for information, to understand more about Almased’s unique attributes. Although a slew of information exists, not all are true. To set the record straight, we’ve found numerous frequently-made statements and reviews on Almased and will tell you whether it is true or false.

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Almased works to help the body lose weight and burn fat

TRUE. Almased helps optimize the body’s metabolism, giving it a more efficient ability to burn fat while retaining muscle mass. Thus, you experience effective weight loss. How is this possible? According to new research at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, after consumption of Almased, the basal metabolic rate increases and continues to stay up when consumed daily. This extra metabolic push helps the body breakdown fat for weight loss more effectively in an ideal amount of time.

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Almased keeps the body full for several hours after each shake

TRUE.“All 5 days [of fasting on Almased], I never felt starved, never felt like I wanted to eat or snack on everything in the house like I do when I am on other meal replacement shakes.” - Roberta Adolph (Amazon reviewer). Roberta’s experience of feeling full on Almased is due to Almased’s beneficial effects on hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin that helps the body regulate hunger signals better. When hunger is in better control, avoiding unhealthy foods becomes easier, which in turns helps with weight loss. 

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The soy in Almased is not good for the body

FALSE. Almased is a multi-source protein-rich meal replacement and supplement. One of its main protein sources is quality soy. The soy in Almased provides a special bioactive peptide called lunasin that has important health benefits that include blocking inflammation that often accompanies chronic health conditions. Moreover, “lunasin plays an important role in regulation (speed) and modulation (adjustment) of metabolism”, as stated by Charles Shively, PhD, Rph, Chief Executive Healthcare Officer at

According to the Food and Drug Administration, 25 grams of soy in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. Many studies point to soy being an effective food ingredient to achieve cholesterol-lowering effects. This is especially important to American society with cardiovascular disease being the number 1 cause of death.

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Almased tastes bad

FALSE. Almased is a simple blend of natural ingredients. What you taste is a formula made of no artificial flavors, fillers, preservatives or added sugars. Essentially, it is neutral-tasting and can mix well with water, skim or almond milk, and any of your favorite spices, like ground cinnamon or flavor extracts, such as vanilla or strawberry. Try some of Almased’s recipes on to enjoy a deliciously satisfying flavor. For best results, mix Almased using a blender or shaker cup.

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Almased does not  impact hormonal levels 

TRUE. Almased has studied its ingredients extensively and its effects on the human body. In a search to understand Almased's effects on human hormones, Almased discovered that its formula has no negative effects on human hormones like estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid or cortisol, even when consumed as a meal replacement three times daily. The bottom-line, the hormones and thyroid level remained unchanged with the use of Almased.

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Almased can be used by people with diabetes

TRUE. Almased is low in glycemic index, which means, sugar is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream and does not affect blood sugar levels like a standard meal. In fact, Almased supports healthy blood sugar levels, which makes it diabetic friendly. According to Susan, a reviewer on, “I can tell this keeps my blood sugar levels leveled and I never feel hungry or experience any highs or lows caused by sugar swings.” Jeannie, another reviewer adds, “It keeps my blood sugar steady in between shakes or meals and I never get that faint lightheaded feeling accompanied by hunger.” 


Originating from Germany, Almased stands behind its mission of offering quality and natural ingredients to its consumers with astounding health benefits. Not to mention, numerous sources of amino acids that match the body’s exact amino acid profile. Using Almased as a meal replacement, you lose weight and body fat - not muscle. Using Almased as a supplement, you can feel rest assured that you are supporting your overall wellness with a superior low glycemic high protein product that provides lasting health benefits.


You can find Almased at WalgreensCVSAmazonGNCSwanson Health and Lucky Vitamin. To speak with a representative about how Almased can fit into your lifestyle, call toll-free 1-877-256-2733.


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