Almased 101

There are many varieties of fasting. Anyone can fast, but it depends on the individual preferences and circumstances which method is best for you. Whichever fast you decide on, all of them can be optimized with Almased.*

It also keeps your metabolism and energy levels up and helps to retain muscle mass and avoid hunger. All of these are important to achieve the benefits of a fast without having to worry about negative side effects like fatigue or the dreaded yo-yo effect.

With a 30-year history, over 15 years of scientific research, and thousands of happy customers, it’s hard to argue against the success of the Almased Diet. However, while Almased excels at activating the metabolism naturally and promoting quick, easy and sustainable weight loss, that’s not the only thing it can be used for. Almased can do so much more!

The constantly increasing number of different diets has become overwhelming for many people who want to lose weight. What should they eat, how much, and at what time of the day? Is it calories, carbs, or fat that matter? Should they follow the latest trend or rely on old-fashioned approaches? In addition, the effectiveness and success of any diet not only depends on the program itself but mainly on the individual user and their circumstances.

Meal replacement shakes have become a popular way to get quick nutrition and drop unwanted pounds. However, not all of them are created equal, and sometimes choosing the right shake can be overwhelming. If you haven’t already chosen Almased as your go-to diet plan, here are just some of the reasons why you should:

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Even more important than the quantity of the weight you lose on a diet is the quality of that weight. A five-pound loss is great, but if those five pounds are mainly water and/or muscle mass, your euphoria (and results) won’t last long. With the Almased Diet, you will achieve healthy weight loss, get rid of the weight that really matters – and keep it off!

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