Almased 101

Take Almased with you! Use our new Almased single serving 10-packs, which are great to take on-the-go and while traveling. Also, try to eat as healthy as possible when on vacation, e.g. stay away from buffets, eat lots of veggies, split an appetizer or have ½ of your entree packed up as left-over. You can also have ½ shake of Almased about 30 min to an hour before you have a meal. That way you won’t be as hungry and less likely to overeat.

We usually advise to refrain from fruit at the beginning of the diet until you start losing weight since the sugar in the fruit may hinder your weight loss progress. However, some people are fine with adding fruit and can still lose weight. The effects are different for each individual.

Since your calorie intake will be reduced significantly, you do not necessarily have to exercise on the Almased Diet to lose weight, but we encourage you to be physically active at least 30 minutes daily.

This depends on your goal. For weight loss, we recommend consuming an Almased smoothie for breakfast and dinner and eating a healthy solid meal for lunch. We have seen the best weight loss results with this method; however, you can alternate this routine to fit your lifestyle, or if you have plans for dinner and would like to eat a solid meal one day.

If you’re new to Almased and want to find out what you need to know before starting the Almased Diet, then this is a great place to start. Keep reading to find out how you can receive information, about the importance of checking with your doctor before starting the diet, where to buy Almased, how you can use it to achieve your goals and finding the right smoothie recipe.

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