• You can love your body at any age and any stage. Making favorable changes can be a fun process when not overburdened with feelings of unworthiness

• The 20’s is an ideal decade to form positive fitness habits as they will significantly impact your health and wellness into your 40’s and beyond

• Sedentary changes are likely to creep in during your 30's, much due to possible lifestyle changes. You may need fewer calories and a way to deal with declining muscle mass

• The right types of exercise can prevent a host of health issues in your 40’s. If you’re fit at 40, you’re likely to be fit in your 70’s and beyond. To go safely, exercise for overweight conditions should go slowly

• Exercise for seniors is more important than ever and being fit in your 50’s and 60’s feels fantastic. Take a note from one super-figure in her bikini at age 54. Fit and fabulous at any age is possible – it’s all up to you

• The Almased diet is an easy-to-follow plan that supports your metabolism at any age and gives you quick, noticeable results to last an entire lifetime

The Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast
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Highlights at-a-glance:

  • When a special occasion calls for a quick-fix weight loss plan, try to use the deadline as motivation in your goal setting.
  • Some foods, beverages, and nutrients can help raise your metabolic rate which can help speed up weight loss.
  • Avoid those foods known to slow down metabolism, including omega-6 fatty acids and factory farmed beef.
  • The best diet to lose weight fast is not to stop eating, but rather to eat smart. Going hungry can work against you.
  • The Almased Emergency-Bikini-Plan could be your best way to lose weight at a rapid rate.

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Slow Metabolism

 Is the number on the scale not going down, despite your efforts of healthy eating? Several factors, other than your diet, can slow down your metabolism. Spring is in the air and other than spring cleaning your diet, read on to learn how Almased can help get your metabolism moving again


Is your teen complaining, upset, or frustrated about the extra weight they’re carrying around? Is your teen skipping meals or choosing junk food as a primary food group? As a parent, you’re concerned for your teen’s well-being and health. You want to help your teen, but how?

For most of your life, your health has been on so-called cruise control, everything in your body runs smoothly and automatically. You do not have to worry about the type of foods you eat or the amount of time you spend at your desk. Your weight remains quite stable. But once you reach your forties, you might notice the foods you've eaten before, now have a dramatic effect on your waistline. Studies suggest that the metabolism begins to decline at the age of 30 and incrementally decrease each decade after that. Therefore, if you continue eating as if you are in your 20's, you can end up accumulating unwanted weight, which in the long haul can lead to serious health problems. To help you enjoy good health longer, well past your 40's, follow these three important diet tips.

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1. Be mindful of calories

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