The Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast
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Highlights at-a-glance:

  • When a special occasion calls for a quick-fix weight loss plan, try to use the deadline as motivation in your goal setting.
  • Some foods, beverages, and nutrients can help raise your metabolic rate which can help speed up weight loss.
  • Avoid those foods known to slow down metabolism, including omega-6 fatty acids and factory farmed beef.
  • The best diet to lose weight fast is not to stop eating, but rather to eat smart. Going hungry can work against you.
  • The Almased Emergency-Bikini-Plan could be your best way to lose weight at a rapid rate.


There are many varieties of fasting. Anyone can fast, but it depends on the individual preferences and circumstances which method is best for you. Whichever fast you decide on, all of them can be optimized with Almased.*

It also keeps your metabolism and energy levels up and helps to retain muscle mass and avoid hunger. All of these are important to achieve the benefits of a fast without having to worry about negative side effects like fatigue or the dreaded yo-yo effect.

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The constantly increasing number of different diets has become overwhelming for many people who want to lose weight. What should they eat, how much, and at what time of the day? Is it calories, carbs, or fat that matter? Should they follow the latest trend or rely on old-fashioned approaches? In addition, the effectiveness and success of any diet not only depends on the program itself, but mainly on the individual user and their circumstances.

A new trend to weight loss & health that is centuries old. It has been around for hundreds of years as part of religious beliefs & ceremonies, used for political statements, medical procedures, and as part of therapy for certain medical conditions: Fasting. It’s when you abstain from food or drink for a certain period of time. But how does it apply to weight loss and your health?

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