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Sleeping in front of a open fridge

Did you know that food can help us sleep better? That’s right, certain things we eat can affect how good, how deep, and how long we sleep.

There’s a lot more you can do than just avoiding caffeine at bedtime or counting sheep!

Natural sleep support is mainly focused on giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Does Stress Kill? Tackle Stress and Its Metabolic Triggers Head On

Stress kills. This can be really scary since a whopping 8 out of 10 Americans are stressed out.

And it’s not only life-changing events that set us on edge; it can be all of the little worries and annoyances that add up. Every week. Every month. Every year. 

One big area that stress messes with is our hormones: adrenaline and cortisol.

Like it or not, the human metabolism is hard-wired to tap into the increased focus, strength and reaction time brought on by these surging hormones.

Which is great, every so often, when our ancestors had to run from a predator or protect their tribe from an attacker. 

But when these hormones are always on, responding to all of the little stresses we feel all the time, the damage to our bodies can be devastating.

Leading to weight gain, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancers and a whole boatload of health problems all linked to a metabolism that's completely out of whack, which in turn causes inflammation. 

And inflammation is a core part of all of the diseases of this century.

stress ball

And it’s no surprise that Americans reported the highest levels of stress, anger, and worry in a decade. Out of 143 countries, America exceeded the global stress average by a full 20 percent! 

And scientists have proven that stress boosts our feasting on sugar and bad fat, and vice versa! High levels of cortisol and insulin may be part of the culprits here too.

While we can’t live in a bubble or get rid of all stress, one thing that makes all of us feel better is being healthier. 

And one way we can help our bodies get there is to tackle any weight issues that are making us stressed or feeling bad about ourselves when we shouldn’t. 

An important part of that is to boost our metabolism.

But weight-loss drugs and fat-free foods aren’t the answer. They just make everything worse. Look for natural solutions, including healthy foods and shakes that can help increase those energy levels and enhance wellness.

Almased counter

Almased: the Anti-Stress Metabolism Boosting Shake?

While no food can single-handedly jettison the jitters or add moxie to our metabolism, there is one powerful, and simple, thing you can add to your diet every day to tip the scales in your favor.

And that’s drinking an Almased shake! 

Almased may be best known for its ability to help with weight loss by speeding up the metabolism without stimulants, but there's more. 

The high protein in Almased delivers a metabolic one-two punch that also helps with appetite control.

And with a formula that is packed with bioactive peptides, like Lunasin, Almased is also able to help fend off some of the toxins that are linked to disease.

Because Almased is a low glycemic index (low GI) food of 27 per serving, it's the preferred choice for herding in blood sugar levels, which helps us feel less cravings for sugar and which helps with stress!

Healthy blood sugar control also helps our bodies delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Check out the 4-phases of the Almased Figure Plan to find the best way to burn belly fat and level-up your anti-stress metabolism.

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Death at the Desk?

Daily stressors can creep into your life without your realizing it, and can soon come to feel normal. Don’t wait until you feel zapped with the signs of lost energy and declining health.

Give your body the vitamins, minerals, and total nutrition it needs to keep metabolism humming and combat the stress of aging.

Vacations, special holidays, and time off in between are healing and necessary for balancing work and health.

Deep, quality nighttime sleep is just as crucial for everyday wellness and Almased can help with that, too!

There is a link between poor sleep and obesity. Researchers found that people who slept less were, on average, heavier and showed an increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin and a decrease in the fullness hormone leptin. 

girls on beach

Almased success stories often mention the improved quality of their sleep experience, one of many positive side effects from the Almased shake.

“I was able to sleep better at night. I would fall asleep faster and sleep longer. During the day, I had tons of energy…” - Anthony K.

"On the Almased Program, I don't feel hungry in between meals…my energy is great, and I sleep more deeply and consistently. I've tried numerous diet plans and shakes, but none worked like Almased." - Jan R.

Stress may be a part of modern life. But we don’t have to just accept it. We can beat stress at its own game by giving our body the nutrition it needs and our metabolism the nutrition it craves.

Defend your health. Tackle stress. Let Almased add energy and stress-fighting wellness to your life!

Different Types of Soy food options

We all know to look for healthy protein to build a strong and healthy body. But, did you know soy is 36-56 percent pure protein? And, that lunasin is a naturally occurring soy peptide that stimulates fat-burning metabolism?

Almased meal shakes are made using high-quality, non-GMO soy. The exclusive fermentation method is achieved from living enzymes in the enzyme-rich raw honey and a host of bioactive peptides, such as lunasin. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The power of soybean protein and soybean oil, each carries a health claim in full recognition of its ability to bring about heart-healthy effects in the body.

Decide to have a healthy lifestyle concept, eating fresh food instead unhealthy nutrition

When you make a diet change that goes low in sugar, the first thing you may notice are sugar cravings. That’s your brain arguing for its habitual reward, not a genuine need for food.

What happens next is more interesting. You’ll likely notice a more positive mood, abundant energy, and other rewards of a low glycemic, high protein (LGHP) diet, such as:

  • Better management of blood sugar levels
  • Lowering the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Resetting of the appetite and reducing cravings
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Increased sense of well-being and overall health
  • A desire for increased activity
  • Weight loss and burn-off of stored body fat

Running Woman

We’ve all known that “special” person who can eat second helpings of just about anything and not gain weight. Many of us want to be that person, yet it doesn’t seem possible when we’re still searching for ways to boost fat burn.

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