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Female, glowing, eating a salad

Your complexion cannot lie. It will always reveal how healthy you are. Moreover, your diet may be the most crucial factor in achieving your most desirable complexion.

Researchers in the UK have found that the most variable characteristic of the face is the color of one’s skin. Rosier skin, slightly flushed with blood and full of oxygen, suggests a strong heart and lungs and is perceived as healthier.

Woman having her wedding dress zipped up

This is THE biggest day of your life. So many things can go wrong, so you can't just "not worry about it." What if it rains? Will the mascara smear if I cry? Or worse - what if the dress doesn’t fit?

Of all essential bridal diet tips, first, determine when to start a diet in time for the wedding. Define your ideal weight and figure how much you want to lose. If you’re looking to cut 5 to 10 pounds, allow about 5-10 weeks ahead of time. If you'd like to shed more, start even earlier.

Fasting Time

Metabolism and weight loss are forever linked as each one affects the other. If a diet program drops your caloric intake too much, the metabolism goes on autopilot to conserve energy - meaning the body’s fat-burning mode drops down to a snail’s pace. Pretty much a lose-don’t-lose situation.

Fasting has gained popularity, and there’s a lot of talk about intermittent fasting for weight loss. If done right, it can be a way to avoid the famine reaction that stalls the metabolism. Though going without food for extended periods may seem harsh, if prepared, you can be quite comfortable.

Is there really a seasonal difference to any weight loss program? First, let’s think about nature’s seasonal bounty.

We’re accustomed to year-round displays of exotic fruits and veggies in the produce section but, not so long-ago such fresh food outside its local growing season was a rare treasure.

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