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There are hundreds of trendy diet programs and weight-loss scams offering hope of easy weight loss. But the bedrock of successful weight loss will always be a health-conscious, calorie-smart diet partnered with an active lifestyle.

Healthy dinner

Achieving an ideal weight is a big accomplishment in itself. It is joyous to live healthfully, knowing that you look, feel, and are at your very best.

Yet, many of us triumph at weight loss only to win it all back plus more. It’s that same 10 or plus pounds that keep coming back to us, and we just don’t seem to reach the point of no return.

Turtle v Hare


If you feel like you’re not running on all cylinders, look over these symptoms of slow metabolism.

If it’s hard to lose weight, your body may have lost its flexibility to burn fat as fuel. However, this can be corrected.

The Almased product has an immediate impact on metabolism after the very first serving.

Happy stomach


Scientists refer to the gut as the body's second brain and it significantly determines one's overall health and longevity.

The imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines can be a big player in many diseases, including obesity.

A healthy diet and the quality fermented ingredients in the Almased meal replacement can help with weight loss and improved gut health.

Shopping for produce

We’re inclined to think the cost of eating healthy foods is way over the price cliff. And, since food may be the most controllable expense in our budget, we buy as cheaply as we can and waste as little as possible.

But the devil is in the details and on the tip of your taste buds, too. We want to enjoy our food, and these helpful hints can show you how to eat healthy on a tight budget and love every bite of it, too!

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