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Most people like Almased just the way it is, completely natural without any added flavors. But some of us need that little spice of life with Almased. Use this smoothie-mixing guide to help make your very own special Almased recipe.

Step 1: Decide how much Almased you will be using

decide how much

The general rule of thumb is to use 6 Tbsp of Almased, if you are shorter than 5’6”, 8 Tbsp, if you are between 5’6” and 6’0” and 10 Tbsp, if you are taller than 6’0”. The amount of Almased can be adjusted depending on your calorie needs, weight loss progress and level of physical activity during the diet. Generally, people will take 8 Tbsp of Almased.

Step 2: Choose your liquid

drink wisely

In an ideal weight loss world, giving up social drinking would come easy. But let’s be honest: as much as we try to avoid alcohol while on a diet, sometimes there’s nothing better than kicking back and having a drink after a long day. Though alcohol can help some of us wind down, it can actually do us more harm than good at excessive amounts overtime. In fact, alcohol can sabotage our weight loss efforts by temporarily slowing down the metabolism, putting a pause on burning belly fat in order to work harder on flushing out alcohol from our system. Knowing that, we still cannot resist the temptation of going to happy hour or ordering a drink with dinner. So the question is, how can we still enjoy social drinking and stay within healthy limits? Here are 5 useful tips.

Tip #1. Stick to a Plan

Blog Change Image

Change. The very thought of change can make us feel uncomfortable. Change takes us away from what is familiar to a realm of uncertainty. It can be scary, but it can also be absolutely necessary. It can help you grow as an individual from gaining new experiences and ultimately help you become a happier and healthier person, inside and out.

For this New Year, it’s time to embrace change.

Dare yourself to do things differently that will benefit you, your health and lifestyle. Whether that means going to sleep an hour earlier, cutting down on sugar in your diet, reorganizing your space or moving to a new place, making healthy positive changes can lead you to greater happiness.

Did you know that Almased could be used in more ways than one? Originally created by a German holistic therapist to help people overcome the struggles of a sluggish metabolism, Almased has been popularly known as a dietary supplement for weight loss. Both men and women have used Almased successfully over the years to drop inches and achieve a healthy body weight, improving their overall health status. But what most people are unaware of is the fact that Almased is a multi-functional product and has a number of possible uses. Almased can be incorporated into a variety of diet plans and can fit into any lifestyle. Check out 7 of our customized Almased Diet plans geared towards achieving a specific desired health goal.

For Starters and Motivation Seekers


This plan will help set you up for success with your diet. By helping you initiate your weight loss plan and achieve your first small target of losing a few pounds, you’ll feel more motivated with pursuing it. Nothing is more motivating than when you can celebrate a small step of victory right away.

The 14-Day Figure Plan

Drink Almased three times a day as a meal replacement for three days. On day 4-7, drink Almased twice daily with one solid healthy meal. Then days 8-11, drink Almased once daily and eat two solid meals. For days 12-14, incorporate solid meals back into your diet and drink Almased as a supplement. For details on the 14-Day Figure Plan, click here.

What to Expect

On average 3-5 pounds of weight loss. Amount of weight loss will vary from person to person depending on start weight, age, metabolism and medical condition, if any. If you would like to lose more weight than what this plan provides, check out our commitment plan for the Biggest Loser below.

For the Beautiful Bride and Beach Body Babes


This plan is more drastic compared to our 14-Day Figure Plan. It is for people who have a special occasion or event that is fast approaching. Losing a small amount of weight quickly is just what you need to slip into your favorite outfit.

For those chocolate lovers out there looking for a way to get a healthy chocolate fix and not gain a pound, here are 5 tips to help you satisfy your chocolate cravings.

1. Chocolate tea

Chocolate Fixes

Chocolate teas are low calorie teas that have a blend of different herbs with an addition of real cocoa. They are guilt-free, delicious and satisfying to anyone with an unbeatable chocolate craving.

2. Chocolate aromatherapy

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