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The holidays can be both exciting and dreadful at the same time. While it can bring us joy, it can also make us feel uneasy by how easily it can cause weight gain. After all, the effort we spent during the year getting in shape and the last thing we want to do is to retrogress to the starting point. So what can we do to help maintain what we’ve achieved while still enjoying the holidays? Here are three ways to prevent holiday weight gain.

1. Eat What You Want, But in Moderation

During the holidays, there are plenty of temptations to try all sorts of foods. The rule of thumb is to enjoy the food you love, but with some restraint to keep from overindulging. To help with eating in moderation, practice mindful eating. Put your fork down when you start to feel comfortably full. Also, if know you will be having a large meal later in the day, try a meal replacement shake like Almased for breakfast or lunch to help save on calories.

Three ingredients you can add into your Almased diet, that will help make your shakes extra nutritious and satisfying.


Oils provide essential fat for your body, which is needed for many bodily functions, the metabolism, hormones, and digestion of fat-soluble vitamins. Even though your intended goal is to burn fat, it is still important to consume a healthy level of good fats. Therefore during the Almased Diet, we recommend to have at least 1-2 tsp of oil in each Almased shake or 2-3 Tbsp per day overall. Choose oils that are polyunsaturated and high in omega-3’s, such as olive, flaxseed, walnut or fish oil. Adding oil will also help to keep you full longer and keep your cravings at bay.

Dieting during the holidays can seem utterly impossible. You want to stick to your meal plan, but how can you manage to with all the family, friends, food and festivities around? From past experience, you know that the inevitable is going to happen. Friends and family are going to egg you on to try this and that. Platters of food and desserts covering every inch of the table will be calling your name from across the room. Luckily, you do not have to dread the holidays even if you are on a diet. Here are 5 great ways to help you eat healthfully and still enjoy a guilt-free holiday with your loved ones.

Make Healthy Substitutions

If you are cooking or baking for the holidays, you can definitely make your foods healthier without sacrificing flavor simply by making healthy substitutions. For example, swap out canned fruit or juice with fresh or frozen fruits, exchange potato chips for kale chips or popcorn, use whole-wheat flour instead of white flour, and replace half of the butter with unsweetened applesauce, coconut oil. or pureed avocado. The list of healthy substitutions for different ingredients is innumerable; just do a quick search online for ideas and proportion guidelines. It will help you cut half of your calories, fat, and sugar.

What can be more discouraging after weeks of dieting than the numbers on the scale? If you find yourself stepping on the scale day after day in hopes you’ll see a big change, only to be disappointed by unmet expectations, then you’ll be happy to know that there are actually more ways than one to measure your weight loss and the scale doesn’t have to be one of them.

Here are four simple and easy ways to measure your weight:

1. Measure Your Inches

Most of what we eat can end up in either your upper or lower body. One great way to track your weight loss progress is measuring your waist, hips and thighs. While standing up straight, use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of your waist. Hold the end of the tape measure, where it reads zero at your navel and wrap it around you to the front of your waist. The measuring tape should be snugged against your skin. Make sure it’s not twisted. Look where the measuring tape meets the end held at your navel. Record your waist measurement in inches. Repeat the same steps for your hips and thighs and try to always measure at the same point to get more accurate results.

2. Measure Your Percent Body Fat Loss

\What makes a car last longer and maintain its value? Well, it’s a no-brainer and most of you may already know that regular check-ups, using quality gas and oil, keeping your car clean and the way you drive your car can affect its value and how long it lasts. And who doesn’t want to extend the life of their car and have it run efficiently? If you think about it, the same concept can apply to your body. For example, if you take care of your body, like you would with your own car, you can be sure that it can prevent future wear and tear, keeping your body from breaking down at an early age and as a result give you an extended and better quality of life. Here are the keys to keeping your body in good health for as long as possible:

1. Get regular check-ups

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