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  1. Being active is healthy. It’s as simple as that. Increasing your activity level can help with your overall wellness and help you build and maintain muscle mass.
  2. There are a lot more benefits that an active lifestyle can offer for your health. One additional positive effect is that being more active can help maintain your healthy blood sugar levels.
  3. For you to reap the rewards, you don’t have to work out strenuously for hours every day. Three to four times a week for thirty minutes to an hour is a good start, and small changes to your daily routine will add to your activity level.

Low-Glycemic foods

Not all foods elevate your blood sugar and insulin levels equally. Whether those levels increase a little or a lot depends on the glycemic index (GI) of the food you consume.

Almased Can

Wonder why Almased is the weight loss phenomenon of the last decade? Check out 6 main reasons to use Almased

Woman holding scale

 Dieting can be hard. Sticking to it and seeing results can be a grind. Check out these tips!

Woman saying no to cravings

All dieters know and dread them: Cravings. At some point or another during your diet, they are bound to happen, testing your will power and very likely driving you crazy. And they are usually the biggest enemy of your New Year’s resolution of losing weight.

But fear not! We will tell you how to kick your cravings to the curb and how to do damage control if temptation was too strong after all.

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