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Is your teen complaining, upset, or frustrated about the extra weight they’re carrying around? Is your teen skipping meals or choosing junk food as a primary food group? As a parent, you’re concerned for your teen’s well-being and health. You want to help your teen, but how?

Woman and Muscle

How does Almased protect muscle mass loss during weight loss?


When you search the words ‘weight loss’, a plethora of solutions, tips and ideas ensue. Which one works best? Meal replacements shakes are one of the best solutions for weight management. Here’s why:

Written By: Charles D. Shively, PhD, RPh

Perhaps surprising is that an individual’s weight actually triggers why we get hungry. Hunger “pangs” cause the forced interplay of two hormones: leptin and ghrelin and the subsequent influence of another hormone (insulin) produced by the pancreas. How then does this happen?

By: Charles D. Shively, PhD, RPh

Many individuals are unaware that raw honey is a powerhouse of health benefits. Everyone realizes it is a sweetener but how about honey’s enzyme-rich, vitamin and mineral containing, antimicrobial, antioxidant and antibiotic capabilities? Surprised?

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