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Behind the Scenes at Almased

On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016, Dietetic Interns from Pasco County Dietetic Internship had an exciting opportunity to tour the Almased headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Almased is more than a diet, it's a lifestyle. It's the ideal weight loss and wellness multi-tasker that helps you achieve your body transformation goals and improves your nutrition. Worry-free, stress-free, hassle-free: Simply results, simply because it works! Feel the unique Almased effect!

If you’ve struggled with weight loss before, then you know that in order to lose weight you not only need to watch what you eat but also how you eat and why you eat.

Many diet programs on the market today are designed to help take thinking out of the equation by offering comprehensive meal plans. But with so many diet programs available, how do you decide on the best one for you?


The other day, somebody asked me on our Almased Facebook page: "You eat pizza?" Oh, yes, I eat pizza, but even more so, I am a bona fide pasta lover!

If it weren’t for my Almased shakes, I probably would look like a cannelloni, myself, by now. So trust me, while I can give you all the diet advice in the world when it comes to giving up that plate of spaghetti, I know the panic that sets in at the pure thought of it all too well.

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 Yes, it’s true. Breaking bad habits is hard work. Why? Habits can arise through repetition. Many are a normal part of life and are often helpful.

In many situations, when behaviors become automatic, it gives us an advantage because the brain does not have to use conscious thought to perform the activity — freeing up our mind to focus on different things.

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