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If you’re new to Almased and want to find out what you need to know before starting the Almased Diet, then this is a great place to start. Keep reading to find out how you can receive information, about the importance of checking with your doctor before starting the diet, where to buy Almased, how you can use it to achieve your goals and finding the right smoothie recipe.

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Almased diet shakes have supported the health of many women through its specially selected combination of all-natural ingredients used in conjunction with an incredibly easy-to-follow diet plan. As a dietary supplement, Almased has not only helped motivate women to shed unwanted weight and belly fat but has also contributed to increased energy, happiness and confidence. Read how these women used Almased to lose 20 lbs or more.

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I have a hard time staying regular and am worried that it will get worse when I’m using Almased. What can I do to make sure I’ll have regular bowel movements? 

For most of your life, your health has been on so-called cruise control, everything in your body runs smoothly and automatically. You do not have to worry about the type of foods you eat or the amount of time you spend at your desk. Your weight remains quite stable. But once you reach your forties, you might notice the foods you've eaten before, now have a dramatic effect on your waistline. Studies suggest that the metabolism begins to decline at the age of 30 and incrementally decrease each decade after that. Therefore, if you continue eating as if you are in your 20's, you can end up accumulating unwanted weight, which in the long haul can lead to serious health problems. To help you enjoy good health longer, well past your 40's, follow these three important diet tips.

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1. Be mindful of calories

It's back to school time and we provide you with some tips to create a healthy, quick, diverse and convenient lunch for school or work.

Detox cucumber waterLet's start off with healthy beverages which play a very important role in everyone's diet. Try to avoid sodas and all high sugary drinks. Instead, drink water, tea, smoothies or mix some 100% juice with water to satisfy your thirst. Make sure to drink at least 64 oz of liquids each day.

Bread and wheat earsWhether it's you or your little one heading back to school, a sandwich is the perfect meal for lunch break. Something as simple as two slices of bread leaves room for an indefinite amount of various creations. And when done the right way, it makes for a satisfying, healthy and nutrient-rich option. First of all, try using whole wheat bread instead of white bread. It's healthier, providing your body with more fiber and other vitamins and minerals. Don’t be shy to try different types of whole wheat breads. There is for example rye bread, sunflower seed bread and pumpernickel bread. To ensure that you are buying whole wheat bread, check the package label. Look for the 100% whole grain stamp from the Whole Grains Council or for words like “100% whole wheat”. In addition, make sure the first ingredient contains the word "whole", such as “whole wheat” or “whole oats”.

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